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2018 Annual Fund Drive

The winter season in Cleveland can be unpredictable, just like every day at the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL). This time of year our dedicated Humane Investigators receive multiple calls every day reporting animals left out in the cold without adequate housing or good nutrition. Last year alone, our team took in 595 animals during the cold winter months.

Animals brought to the Cleveland APL who have suffered cold weather ailments are treated by our veterinary team, cared for daily by wonderful staff and volunteers, and sometimes spend time with foster care volunteers. The types of cases we see range from frost bite on their feet or tips of their ears, dehydration and malnutrition to hypothermia and near death. Some of the animals wandering the streets suffer injuries and struggle to get to a place to be safe and to keep warm.

Supporters of the Cleveland APL have played an important role in helping animals that need our assistance. We could not do it without you! We hope we can count on you for a gift of whatever you can manage today. Your gift to our Annual Fund Drive will help us continue the work we do and make a difference in the lives of the more than 14,000 animals who we assist through our programs every year—animals like Mr. Shivers and Cici.

Not too far from the Cleveland APL, on a cold, December morning, a Good Samaritan found a black and white cat sitting in the middle of the road, not moving. The Good Samaritan brought the cat to us and was afraid he had been hit by a car and was probably freezing, since the temperature the previous night had dropped to 21 degrees. Upon the cat’s arrival, our veterinary team immediately went to work, examining this sweet, cold, shivering cat. Fortunately, nothing was broken and he soon began to walk around the room, still shivering, while he warmed up—that’s how he became Mr. Shivers. Mr. Shivers stayed with us for a few weeks as our team helped him to put on a little weight. Soon he was ready to go up for adoption. It only took two days for Mr. Shivers to find a loving home where he can enjoy warmth and his new cuddle buddies—human and feline alike.

It’s hard enough to imagine being stuck outside in this cold, but imagine having to go out without a fur coat to protect your skin. That was exactly Cici’s situation when she came to the Cleveland APL where her skin condition caught our team’s attention. You see, this sweet Maltese/Shih Tzu mix was suffering from flea bite dermatitis. She was missing a lot of fur, her skin was red, inflamed and crusty, and she smelled of yeast. She was quickly sent to a loving foster home where Cici received much needed care. She received baths every week along with a list of other medications—and that did the trick! This sweet dog’s skin became softer and she began to grow back a little fur. After a month of great care, Cici was ready to find a loving home—and we helped her to do just that! Cici’s new dad took her home in her sporty new coat, and now, this sweet dog does not have to worry about being cold again.

Because of friends like you, Mr. Shivers and Cici were rescued from the cold, and received the love and medical care they needed at the Cleveland APL until they were ready to find loving homes. Please help us continue to care for animals in need in 2018 by making an Annual Fund Drive gift today. On behalf of the animals who will benefit from your generosity, we thank you!