Veterinary Clinic Manager


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Job Title: Veterinary Clinic Manager

Department: Veterinary

Classification: Full time, exempt

Job Relationship: Reports to Medical Director.  Supervises clinic supervisor. Works closely with the project CARE manager.

Position Summary: Manages the clinic team focusing on administrative and financial aspects of the practice to ensure that our quality of care, service, and performance meet the needs of our animals, clients, and that the clinic meets all benchmarks that will support financial sustainability. Supervises, trains, coaches and develops staff and volunteers in order to meet departmental goals.  Provides high quality animal care and excellent people care in accordance with APL mission, goals and management philosophy.  Monitors and analyzes clinic statistical data and completes reports.  Effectively manages resources for the maximum benefit to the department and the APL.

Essential Job Functions:

Manages all aspects of clinic operations and client experience to ensure that consistent, high-quality services are provided to clients, visitors, staff and volunteers

  • Ensures quality client services and experiences are provided to clinic clients, visitors, staff and volunteers.
  • Oversees our payment support options and helps find solutions for financial needs of our clients. Determines when special financial arrangements are appropriate; ensures that agreements made are followed.
  • Oversees and tracks usage of Medical Fund grant.
  • Responds to client concerns directly or via telephone or email in a timely manner using effective service recovery techniques and strategies.
  • Responsible for maintaining the professional appearance of all clinic client service areas.
  • Ensures team is collecting client fees, accurately posting and recording payments, processing credit card transactions, and running end of day reports.
  • Creates and updates clinic client service program information for public distribution ensuring it is accurate and current.
  • Assists staff in situations requiring immediate problem solving. Handles escalated client situations.  Takes control of situations and keeps Medical Director informed of situations that could be damaging to the professional image of the APL
  • In cooperation with APL leadership team, designs and implements client care programs and services in line with strategic plan.
  • Provides customer service training and orientation to staff and volunteers

Manages clinic personnel (staff and volunteers) and builds an effective team

  • Supports the APL’s desire to celebrate a diverse and inclusive culture that fuels the compassion that connects us to one another.
  • Provides direct supervision to the clinic supervisor. Assesses and addresses staff needs immediately
  • Ensures compliance with APL animal care, safety, and personnel practices and procedures.
  • Performs supervisory duties, including reviewing work performance, motivating subordinates to work more effectively, identifying problems with performance and solutions to those problems, determining training needs to improve performance, initiating measures to correct misconduct per APL policy. Carries out approved disciplinary actions.
  • Oversees auditing of client/patient records for completeness and accuracy of information and storage of records in accordance with the established records control schedules.
  • Develops annual goals for department staff that includes timelines, procedures and accountabilities.
  • Provides guidance and support to staff in meeting goals and works with Medical Director to resolve staff personnel issues and conduct timely performance evaluations.
  • Provides orientation, training, coaching and supervision to employees, volunteers, and students. Prepares and presents necessary evaluations and performance appraisals.
  • Develops training and orientation materials and implements training for staff/volunteers on client care.
  • In conjunction with human resources, interviews and hires new staff members.
  • Promotes communication and cooperation between APL departments and integration and utilization of volunteers.

 Performs operational and administrative support functions.

  • Compiles, monitors, and analyzes department statistics using practice software and/or manual methods.
  • Maintains necessary records and generates accurate daily, monthly, and yearly statistical reports.
  • Reviews reports for trends and performance indicators and progress toward achieving department goals; develops strategies for meeting goals and identifies solutions if falling short of goals.
  • Oversees revenue collection and record keeping for client service programs.
  • Monitors and adheres to the annual department budgets and promotes cost savings within the department. Makes recommendations for the budget.
  • Consults with Medical Director on all purchases of equipment, supplies and materials for department.

Performs other duties as assigned.

General Expectations

  • Actively promotes the APL’s mission, services, programs, and events. Informs clients and constituents of donation opportunities and cultivates relationships with current and potential donors.
  • Actively supports departments, staff and volunteers and promotes the development of skills related to the advancement of our goals and mission.
  • Models “Compassion” core value behavior: Treats animals & people with respect, empathy, and kindness. Listens and responds to the needs of people who use our programs and services, support us, work and volunteer for us, and to other animal welfare organizations that turn to us for help.
  • Always represents the APL in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Supports management and discusses differences privately.
  • Is visible to staff, communicates with directors on significant developments within the department
  • Attends necessary meetings.
  • Communicates pertinent information to staff, managers, directors, and CEO.
  • Communicates, identifies challenges, and problem solves.
  • Develops and follows timelines for annual plans and projects.
  • Ensures that policies and procedures are being followed.
  • Provides quality service to clients, volunteers, and staff recognizing their contribution to the APL’s success.
  • Promotes a safe, inclusive, equitable work environment.
  • Actively monitors safety / OSHA compliance of staff and takes immediate action to correct hazards.
  • Refers board or media inquiries to CEO.
  • Committed to supporting and advancing the APL’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
  • Committee to supporting and advancing the APL’s Free Free animal care initiatives.
  • Ability to handle confidential information and use discretion.
  • Is flexible with scheduling.


  • Degree in business or related field or hands on experience in a leadership role in a veterinary practice is desirable
  • Minimum two years customer service experience
  • Minimum two years supervisory experience
  • Work exposure to all aspects of a business enterprise, with demonstrated competence in data analysis and goal setting
  • Experience understanding and working with vulnerable or underserved populations preferred
  • Fear Free Certified or must become certified within six months of hire

Knowledge and Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office/Office 365 and able to generate statistical and other reports.
  • Knowledge of effective management techniques and ability to promote full performance and high morale.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a variety of people without judgement
  • Considerable interpersonal skills including the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships and to effectively handle and diffuse high-stress and emotionally charged situations
  • Knowledge of commonly used veterinary terms and understanding of access to care terms, barriers to veterinary care, and socio-economic issues that may impact access to care.
  • Experience in animal behavior, health, handling, & care in a shelter environment strongly preferred
  • Ability to work with wide diversity of individuals.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills. Ability to express ideas clearly, both orally and in writing.  Exercises good judgment when dealing with the public, staff and volunteers.
  • Detail oriented. Able to prioritize/perform duties efficiently & effectively with appropriate independence
  • Committed to maintaining the integrity of the APL’s client service programs, high standard of animal care, and promoting our mission to foster compassion and end animal suffering

EEOC: The Cleveland APL is an equal opportunity employer and is looking for diversity in qualified candidates for employment.