BCBC, a 20-year-old cat, was surrendered to the APL by his owner—the only mom he had ever known—because she was going into a nursing home and could not take him with her. The APL’s veterinary team ran tests and saw that other than being 20 years old, BC was a healthy cat and, therefore, he was put up for adoption. His story was shared on the APL Facebook page and in less than 24 hours, BC was adopted by a wonderful woman who was celebrating her birthday and felt the perfect birthday gift would be to give a loving home to a geriatric kitty! His new mom kindly gave her contact information to the APL, and we shared it with his first mom.  BC’s two moms connected, and his first mom is now comforted by the knowledge that BC is very much loved in his new home.  She always thought BC needed to be an “only child” so she was thrilled to learn BC now lives happily with two humans, and a cat and a dog—a first for him!