Cats’ Eye View – February 1, 2013


Kobe-ChairHi everyone! It’s Kobe here.  Ozzy and I are very busy but we do plan to take some time out to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday!  I know the Browns aren’t in it (maybe next year!) but our good friend will be there and we want to see him!  Offensive Lineman Joe Thomas is one of the finalists for the Walter Payton Humanitarian Award!  That award recognizes commitment to the community and charitable work done by the players in addition to what they do on the field!  Joe and his wife, Annie, help the animals at the APL in so many ways!  Their dogs are on the cover of the 2013 APL Calendar and they sponsor the Q Cash School program for the Pledge for Pets Radiothon. We are so happy he is being honored this way.  Ozzy and I have not decided who we are cheering for in the Super Bowl, but we know we are cheering for Joe!  MEOW!

Help Our FriendsOzzy and I are also take lots of cat naps to get ready for next Thursday.  Do you know what day that is?  It is the APL’s 100th birthday.  I am not sure how old that is in cat years but it is really old.  Just think how many happy endings were made animals and their people in 100 years!   Joe Cronauer from WKYC’s morning show will be here that morning so get up early and watch us turn 100 yOzzy-Chairears old!

And we will have a great adoption promotion, too, so more happy endings are made!  Starting Thursday and running through Sunday, February 10, all adults will be available for adoption for just $19.13 (that is the year the APL was founded!)  But we did not forget about the dogs. Adult dog will be just $50.  And because there are always animals coming to us in need, if you help them by bringing in four cans of kitten or puppy food, your adoption fee for a kitty or puppy will be $20 off!  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Please tell everyone to come down and adopt!

Oh, and Ozzy and I both hope there is cake!

Until next week…

Love and purrs,
Kobe and Ozzy