Cats’ Eye View – January 11, 2013


IMG_0160Hi all! It’s Kobe here. I know its winter because my 2013 Cleveland APL Calendar says it’s January. But it is spring-like outside!  Ozzy and I took turns basking in the sunshine on our window perch!  We know lots of other of our buddies who were at the APL but are now in loving homes are enjoying the nice weather this weekend with their families!
But we still have lots of great animals waiting for their “forever home.”  I wanted to tell you about two who have been here a really long time.  I mean, all the folks at the APL are great—the staff and volunteers love them and take good care of them—but we want them to find loving homes.

So let me tell you about Zoe the dog. Zoe was brought to the APL in October because her owner was having health problems, and couldn’t care for Zoe any longer.  Zoe is a 4-year-old Boston Terrier mix who lived with small dogs and got along great with them!  She had pups when she came here and had to stay with them for a while, but she is now ready to be adopted and can’t wait to find her forever home!

Kaley-1And then there is our friend Kaley the cat.  Kaley is 11 years old and has been here at the APL since July!  Kaley is a sidekick, which means she will be great company to her adopters.  She won’t go looking for trouble, but she’s no scaredy-cat, either!  Kaley has been sponsored by someone here at the APL who really cares about her, which means that her adoption fee has been paid in full.  As an added bonus, she has a bag of toys to take to her new home.  Ozzy and I can vouch for the fact that the APL has great toys!

Please consider adopting.  If you don’t think Zoe or Kaley would be perfect for your family, just go to our website,  The wonderful animals you see on the adoption page are the ones here in our shelter right now waiting for their new home.  Come on down or give us a call!  You will be glad you did!

Until next week…
Love and purrs,
Kobe and Ozzy