Cats’ Eye View – January 18, 2013


OzzyKobePhotographsDanielle-001Hi all! It’s Ozzy here.  It has been a hard week at the Cleveland APL but with a good ending.  If you listened to the news, I am sure you know we had a puppy named Lucy taken from the APL as she was being adopted.  Our media friends got our story out, and today, thanks to people who gave us tips, we got Lucy back!  She will go home with her adoptive family tomorrow.  Kobe and I are so happy for her!!!  And we are also so thankful to everyone who helped us find Lucy.

But I was thinking—which is something I do when I am not napping or eating—I want to tell you about everyone who helped Lucy from the time she got to the APL because they are really wonderful!  Lucy and her sister, Laighla, were at the City of Cleveland Kennel.  They came to us through our dog transfer program.  We bring about 1,000 dogs a year into the APL so they can be adopted through this program—and the majority of them come through the great relationship we have with the City of Cleveland Kennel.Arent-I-Handsome

Once they got here, Lucy and Laighla got all their shots—don’t worry.  Kobe and I get shots, too, and the kind folks here are very good!  They don’t’ even hurt!  No, Kobe, it is NOT because I am so fluffy!!!  Then, because Lucy and her sis were too little to be spayed, they went into the home of a wonderful APL Foster Care volunteer!

Lucy’s foster mom not only loved her, played with her, and taught her lots of “good dog” things, she also found her her “forever” home!  The folks at the APL LOVE it when that happens.  Foster families often name their little kitties and puppies and write notes to go home with adopter.  They let the adopter know what their charges liked to do, what they liked to eat, all the things that make each animal so special and unique!  For example, if Kobe and I were in foster care, our foster family would say I love to lay in boxes and Kobe is excessively clean! Really, he is!

Donation-HelpOurFriendsWe are always looking for caring animal lovers to be Foster Care volunteers here at the APL.  They can take mommies and puppies or kittens, or little dogs like Lucy that just need a few more weeks to grow and play, or even animals who are injured or sick.  Foster Care volunteers are HEROS to us!  If you want to learn more about our foster care program, please visit

Until next week…

Love and purrs,
Kobe and Ozzy