A Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner. For many people, holidays mean decorating, shopping for gifts for our friends and family, and most importantly, spending time with our loved ones, which of course include our “furry” friends.
DonateNowHere at the Cleveland Animal Protective League our staff and volunteers provide all of our animals with the love, care and attention that they need before they are able to go “Home for the Holidays.” With your gift, you can help us to help them get ready to find their new families. A gift can help us provide shelter, spay and neuter services, and medical care to our animals.
Although we work so hard to make the experience in the shelter a great one for each and every animal who comes through our doors, it isn’t the same as being in a loving home. Rizzo and Momma are two of the many wonderful animals who the Cleveland APL helped to find their loving homes. With the support of friends like you, we can help even more animals find new homes for the holidays.
Rizzo 24415902Rizzo, a 10-month-old Chinese Shar-Pei mix, was brought to the Cleveland APL with her mom and four siblings. Rizzo and her canine family were abandoned in a home and left to survive on their own until they were brought to the Cleveland APL for help. After arriving at the APL, Rizzo and her family were examined by our veterinary team. Thankfully, they were all doing well and didn’t need extensive medical treatment. Rizzo and her family then spent some time in the homes of wonderful, loving Foster Care volunteers until they were ready for adoption. When Rizzo was big enough, the sweet puppy came back to the Cleveland APL and was adopted just in time for the holidays!
MommaMomma, a 10-year-old cat, was brought to the Cleveland APL by her caretaker. She had been feeding her for the past 10 years and letting her in her home when the weather got rough. When Momma came to the APL, she was examined and found to be in need of medical attention that included a dental treatment, a hernia repair, and treatment for an upper respiratory infection. When Momma was finally ready for adoption, she went to our adoption floor where days, weeks, and months came and went while Momma waited patiently for a home. Visitors walked in our Cat Adoption room to look for a new best friend to adopt and would be drawn to the adorable kittens or the cats who stole their attention with their outgoing personalities. Momma was shy, and not a cat who might stand out to someone. It took almost a full year for Momma to find “her person.” She finally got adopted just in time to go home for the holidays. It took time, but APL staff and volunteers never gave up on Momma. They knew her day would come, and it was only a matter of time before her new mom gave her the loving home she so deserved!
With the support of friends like you, we’re hoping to send many more animals like Rizzo and Momma to their loving homes. Your gift will make a real and lasting difference. Please donate today, and let’s send our wonderful animals “Home for the Holidays.” On behalf of all the animals like Rizzo and Momma who will be helped by your generosity and support, thank you! We would also like to wish you and every member of your family, human and animal, the happiest of holiday seasons!