Featured Animal: Beanie

Beanie after
Beanie is a 5-month-old kitten who came into the APL one morning after having seizures all night.  His owner had applied a type of dog flea medication, which is toxic to cats, on the little kitten.  Our veterinary team went right to work, however, his prognosis was guarded.  The medications we had at the APL were not what was needed to treat Beanie so a wonderful APL volunteer made a trip to an emergency veterinary clinic for more specialized medication.  That did the trick and by evening, Beanie was feeling a bit better.  Our wonderful APL Veterinarian took him to foster him and continued treatment.  She and her family already had 5 cats but now they have 6!  They fell in love with little Beanie and soon became another happy member of the APL’s “failed foster” club!