Falling In Love

Falling in love is a wonderful thing. There is nothing more rewarding than when the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) finds loving, lifelong homes for the precious animals in our care.

Every day is different at the APL. Each animal that comes through our doors has his or her own special story and special needs. Our team of talented APL veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians provides emergency care as well as regular veterinary services to the animals who are in our care at any given time, whether they are at the shelter or in foster homes.
These services are available because of friends like you. We hope you will consider making a gift today to help us continue to provide the resources we need to care for these animals. Your gift will allow us to be prepared to help as many animals as we can, animals just like Mr. Fluffbottom and Miss Emma.
Mr. Fluffbottom, a handsome 3-year-old cat, was brought to the Cleveland APL by a Good Samaritan. He had been living as a stray for a few years, but the Good Samaritan felt it was time for this friendly kitty to get off the streets and find a loving home. While at the Cleveland APL, it was discovered that Mr. Fluffbottom had a very loud heart murmur which either could have been due to a metabolic disorder or a cardiac disease. He also had small eyes due to Strabismus—a misalignment of the eyes. One day, an adopter who had given homes to a few other special needs kitties from the APL, came in for a visit and ended up falling in love with Mr. Fluffbottom as well. That day, she went home with two new kitties and gave this sweet cat a wonderful home with other special needs cats.
miss-emmaMiss Emma, a 2-year-old English Bulldog, was brought to the Cleveland APL with encouragement from our Humane Investigations team. This poor doggy had many different illnesses, including entropion in her right eye, which is a painful condition caused by the eyelid folding inward, allowing the eyelashes to constantly rub against and irritate the eye. One day, while an APL volunteer was walking Miss Emma through the park, a couple spotted her. They were convinced it was love at first sight and called the Cleveland APL to ask about her. Unfortunately, Miss Emma wasn’t available for adoption, yet, so every day the couple called to see if they could adopt her. On the day Miss Emma was ready for adoption, the couple rushed to the APL to take her home. Now Miss Emma has a wonderful family who could not love her more!
Mr. Fluffbottom and Miss Emma found loving homes they so deserve because of friends like you. On behalf of the animals who will be rescued and healed because of your generosity, we thank you! Your support makes everything—including falling in love—possible at the Cleveland Animal Protective League.