Give Them a Hand

I want to share a couple of stories with you about a dog named Ginger and a  kitten named Barney. Both arrived at the Cleveland Animal Protective League for two very different reasons, but they needed the same thing—our help. Thanks to you, your love of animals, and your previous support, we were here to help them to a better future.
Ginger was just about a year and a half old at the time she was surrendered to the APL. A family member brought her to us because their relative was not caring for Ginger and did not want her anymore. Apparently, Ginger had spent most of her young life locked in a crate all day long. Upon her arrival at the APL, we also learned that Ginger was pregnant and her puppies were due soon. Our veterinary team provided this sweet girl with all the medical care she needed, and then we arranged for her to spend time in the home of a wonderful foster family so she could deliver her puppies and raise them in comfort. When the time was right, Ginger and her pups came back to the APL to be spayed or neutered, and have all since found loving homes. As a matter of fact, Choco, the darling little puppy pictured, was one of the eight precious puppies Ginger brought into this world!
Barney, the sweet little orange kitten pictured, came to the APL way too tiny to be cared for at our shelter. He was underweight and needed frequent feedings as well as lots of loving, personalized care. Barney got that care in the home of a wonderful APL foster volunteer, who brought him back to us on a regular basis for vaccinations and check-ups by our veterinary team. After a few weeks in his foster home, he was a chubby, happy bundle of cuteness, ready to find his new family. Barney came back to the APL to be neutered and was adopted almost immediately!
There will be so many more animals like Ginger and Barney who come through our doors. Will you help “give them a hand” by  making a gift today? Every dollar you send helps us save innocent lives and for that we are truly grateful.
The stories of Ginger and Barney represent the life-saving work we do every day. We were able to provide the necessary medical care and the love and compassion they needed to begin a new life with their loving families. But we did not do that alone. You helped us create those happy endings for them. Without you—they would not be the cherished members of their families that they are today.
Together we can save animals every day, and in return, they save us by loving us unconditionally. Thank you for giving them and the Cleveland APL a helping hand.