Happy Tale – Octavia

Jason Cook

Octavia – found her kingdom!

HappyTails-PrincessOctaviaHi everybody, it’s me Octavia, remember me?  I was staying at the APL for a bit while I was looking for my perfect family.  You know, a family that recognized my regal being, a family who would treat me as the Princess Octavia that I am.  Well, so far, so good! My mommy, Courtney, loves me more than I could have ever hoped.  She is always making sure that I have everything a puppy with my obvious royal lineage should have.  I get to play fetch almost as much as I want to, we go out for long walks everyday and I have even gotten back some of my girlish Princess figure.  We go to the puppy park to play for hours and sometimes we even take my Uncle Tobey.  I get to go everywhere with my Mommy when she is not at work, we go visiting, shopping, to the laundry,  I like to curl up with my Mommy when she reads a book, watches a movie or works on her knitting.  My Mommy and I just enjoy spending all our time together. HappyTails-Tobey

Uncle Tobey, he truly understands what a Princess Octavia deserves.  He lives with my Grandma and I go to stay with her a few days every week while my Mommy works to buy me more food, treats and toys.  My Grandma loves to have me come to visit and we play games and usually Uncle Tobey loses.  He lets me play with all his toys, chew all of his bones and if Grandma isn’t watching, eat all his food.  He loves me a lot and I love him, too, but just don’t tell him.

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for letting me stay with you for a while and for taking good care of me while I was there.  My Mommy is very happy and thankful that you took good care of me, too, because now she has me to give all that love that she was saving up to.  My Mommy, my Grandma and even my Uncle Tobey tell me all the time how  lucky they are that I picked them to go home with.  I have sent you some pictures too, I even am sending you one of Uncle Tobey so he doesn’t feel left out.

~ Princess Octavia ~