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Help Us Stop Animal Cruelty

Animal abuse is a crime. The Cleveland Animal Protective League’s Humane Investigations team, also known as Cuyahoga County’s “Animal Cops,” rescues animals from life-threatening situations, investigates cases of suspected animal abuse and neglect, and works with prosecutors to seek justice for the victims and punishment for the offenders. Please consider a gift of $25 or more today to help the Cleveland APL continue to help and speak for the animals who have no voice.

In 2016, our Humane Agents received 5,440 calls reporting suspected cases of animal cruelty and neglect in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. They opened 1,517 new investigations and rescued 1,105 cats, dogs and other animals from lives of cruelty and neglect. Animals like Pharoh and Billie were rescued and given a second chance.


Our Humane Agents found Pharoh, the adorable pooch, when they went to investigate a report of hoarding and abuse. He was one of 24 animals living in extremely poor conditions. Pharoh required months of medical care at the APL before he was adopted.

Billie, the handsome cat, was rescued on a hot summer day. He was living outside in a large wire dog crate in direct sunlight without access to shade or shelter and had a small pot for water. Our Humane Agents immediately brought Billie back to the APL where he was given the care he so desperately needed. Today Billie is a cherished member of his new loving family.

Unfortunately, our Humane Agents see situations like these far too often. With your support, our entire Cleveland APL team can continue to rescue and rehabilitate animals like Pharoh and Billie and give them a brand new life with a loving family. Together we can make a difference for animals in need!

P.S. Our humane investigations team needs your help to investigate and stop animal cruelty. Please call our cruelty hotline at 216-377-1630 to report a suspected case of animal neglect or cruelty and be their voice.