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Project STAR - version 6

Project STAR’s mission is to increase the rate of successful adoptions at the Cleveland APL.  The program involves basic training and behavior modification for the dogs in the shelter, as well as other enrichment activities.  The goal is to get dogs ready for their new homes by teaching them good manners and skills that will make them better family members.

The methods used to teach the dogs are strictly based on positive reinforcement and clicker training.  Project STAR relies upon a team of specially-trained, exceptional volunteers led by the shelter’s Dog Behavior Manager.  Dogs are chosen for the program based upon their behavioral needs, length of stay, and developmental stage.  The dogs in the program can be identified by their kennel cards, which show the behaviors they have learned and are learning.

Thanks to project STAR, adopters can take home dogs who have already been taught good manners and basic behavior cues.  Our hope is that these dogs will be more likely to find and stay in their loving homes.