Pucks and Paws

We are committed to continuing the Cleveland APL’s mission-critical work for animals and people during these uncertain times. But, with the loss of important events, we are seeing a gap between donations that are critical to maintaining our life-saving work and our expenses. We hope you will help us bridge the gap in funding by making a monetary donation today.

In 2019, we were able to raise nearly $6,000 for the Cleveland APL through the proceeds of Pucks and Paws.  With $6,000 we could:

  1. Provide approximately two weeks of food for all the shelter animals and
    2. Provide approximately one week of spay/neuter surgeries for our shelter animals and
    3. Transfer ten dogs or cats from under-served shelters into our life-saving adoption program   

Sunday would have been this year’s Pucks and Paws event.  And while we miss seeing hundreds of caring pet parents with their dogs supporting the Cleveland Monsters, we also will very much miss the financial support we receive from this event. Won’t you help us bridge the gap by clicking here to donate.

Although we have been forced to scale back our programs and services due to COVID-19, we are still here, at the APL, helping animals during these unprecedented times, animals like Biscuit.

Biscuit ran away from home a month ago. Her owners were devastated and spent the past month looking for her. When she finally came home, she had a wound that needed medical attention. Unfortunately, her owners were not able to afford the care needed for her wound and reached out to our project CARE Program, which helps low-income pet parents and pets stay together, for assistance.

Our veterinary team was able to dress the wound and care for Biscuit’s needs and send her back home with the family who loves her. Because they hadn’t had her with them for the past month, they didn’t have food for her. And with how difficult it can be shop and find food right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team was able to provide Biscuit’s family with a small supply of food so that they could take her straight home and continue social distancing.

The APL has adapted our programs so that we can help animals and pet owners who are in the most need during these challenging times – animals and families in emergency.  Please help us continue to help animals like Biscuit.

Note: Tickets already purchased for a postponed game will be honored when the game is rescheduled.  If games are not played or played in an empty arena, teams will work with fans on a credit for a future game or a refund.