Spring Fund Drive

Each season brings new challenges to the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL), and spring is certainly one of them. The staff is busy gearing up for the animals, especially kittens, who are sure to come through our doors in greater numbers. That is because spring is the season when stray animals start to give birth to unwanted litters.
These beautiful, tender animals enter the world full of life, yet face immediate adversity. With your support, the APL is here to help these babies—and often their parents, too. We are here to give them a safe haven and medical care so they can grow and even thrive. Then, we find them loving families.
At this time of the year, there is another impact on our animals when the number of kittens and puppies in our care push our resources to their limit. Sadly, it means it takes longer for our wonderful older dogs and cats to be adopted. This domino effect creates challenges in every direction.
We would love to count on your help. Your Spring Fund Drive gift will help us continue to provide lifesaving care and programs for so many deserving, homeless animals.
Along with all the wonderful care we provide our animals, your gift will help us spay or neuter every cat, dog or rabbit who comes through our doors, making a powerful dent in the number of animals who will be born without homes. This simple surgery is one of the critical keys in ending the cycle of animal homelessness. This year alone we will spay or neuter more than 10,000 animals. It takes the generosity and support of kind people like you to make a difference that is saving lives, and your Spring Fund Drive gift will make that difference.
On behalf of the animals who will be served by your kindness, we thank you!

Did You Know?
• A fertile cat can give birth to an average of 15 kittens per year (3 litters of 5 kittens each). Last year, the Cleveland APL sterilized 8,400 cats, which translates to an estimated 126,000 fewer homeless kittens born.
• A fertile dog can give birth to an average of 16 puppies per year (2 litters of 8 puppies each). Last year, the Cleveland APL sterilized 2,000 dogs, which translates into an estimated 32,000 fewer homeless
puppies born.