Spring Fund Drive

We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support for our lifesaving work here at the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Your help means so much to us—and, most importantly, to the animals.

Can we count on your support today?

Like many organizations, we are currently facing a new issue with COVID-19 posing a real threat in our community, but our team is still working at the shelter to care for the many animals who are in need. We are still taking in strays who are considered medical emergencies, and our Humane Investigations team is still out on the roads rescuing sick, injured and abandoned animals who have no other options. Even when we have to limit the number of animals we bring into our care, there are still animals who need our help.

As the season begins to shift toward the promise of spring, the Cleveland APL usually is busy helping ready to help the animals, especially kittens, who are sure to come through our doors in greater numbers. Obviously, this year, that annual reality will pose an even greater challenge.

We would love to count on your support today. Your Spring Fund Drive gift of $25 or more will help us continue lifesaving programs for so many deserving, homeless animals. With the loss of important events, we are seeing a gap in donations. We hope you will help us bridge the gap in funding by making a monetary donation today.

Animals like Chaps, and her four ten-day-old kittens, are still coming to us in need. Chaps and her kittens came to us last Thursday through our Humane Investigations team after they were abandoned in a house when their owners were evicted. These sweet cats could not control their current situation and were in desperate need of help—our help. After our Humane Investigators quickly brought this little family into our care, our veterinary team assessed their health and they went to the home of a loving foster care volunteer where they would receive all of the care and compassion they would need to grow up strong and healthy.

Although our team has temporarily stopped doing spay and neuter surgeries, we are still providing critical lifesaving care for many animals. We are helping animals who have nowhere else to go and providing emergency care when needed For example, in the last week, we have provided critical care to a cat with a broken jaw, a dog with an obstruction and who hadn’t eaten in three days, and a cat with the skin torn off of its tail. And, when we are able to begin functioning as normal, will be spaying and neutering every animal that has come through our doors. It takes the generosity and support of kind people like you to make a difference that is saving lives. Your Spring Fund Drive gift today will make that difference to animals like Chaps and her kittens.

On behalf of the animals who will be served by your kindness, we thank you!