Volunteer Testimonials

“The hours I spend at the APL are among the best of my week.  I work with the dogs, mostly, getting to know their personalities, giving them love and affection (and cookies!) while they wait to be adopted.  Sometimes I even introduce them to potential adopters.  And I get to be part of a team – staff and volunteers alike – who love the animals as fiercely and care about their welfare as passionately as I do. The best part?  When we receive a message or photographs from an adopter telling us that our canine (or other furry or feathered) friend has fit perfectly into the family, is being spoiled and loved, and really has found his or her ‘happily ever after.’  I love being able to play even a tiny part in finding an animal its forever home!” – Barbara Reitzloff, APL Volunteer

“Sometimes I’ll hear a potential adopter in our Cat Adoption room say how sad it is to see all the cats in cages waiting for homes. I see it very differently though.  First, I am grateful those cages are there—I think, ‘What would have happened to these cats without the APL?’ I am thankful for every cat that has found its way to the APL because I know, without a doubt, every animal is better off than where it was before—neglected, abandoned or with an owner who could not properly care for it.

“While it is not ideal for any animal to be in a shelter, I know that every animal at the APL receives the care, compassion and love it deserves from the staff and volunteers while waiting for its next home—and I feel lucky that I get to be part of that experience.

“There really are no words to describe how rewarding it is to watch a shy or fearful cat ‘warm up’ over the course of a few weeks because of the attention and loves she gets from our volunteers or see an injured cat brought in by a Good Samaritan regain its strength and charm his way into the heart of his new ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad.’

“So for me, I’m never sad when volunteering in our Cat Adoption room. To me the cages represent a second chance for those animals and I feel privileged that, for a short time, I get to be part of their journey to their ‘Forever Home.'” – Christine Gill, APL Volunteer