Neonatal Training at the Cleveland APL

Kittens, kittens, kittens, OH MY!  Are you an animal lover with a nurturing spirit?  Do you want to help save lives?  Then we need YOU!  This is the time of year when adorable, orphaned kittens are brought to us for help every day.  These kittens are too young to be placed up for adoption and they need some time to grow big and strong.  The best place to do that is in your home!  Intrigued?  Want to learn more?  Please come to one of our upcoming trainings to learn how you can become a part of this life-saving and super-rewarding program.
The neonatal training is an extra step to help fosters succeed while they care for the shelter’s most vulnerable animals in their own homes. Kittens 0 – 8 weeks and puppies 0 – 12 weeks are easily susceptible to disease and therefore we want to give our fosters the tools and knowledge to be able to handle a potentially emergency situation in the best manner possible. Additionally, fosters are given a basic timeline on the development we expect to see from the animals and approximately when. They will have a chance to ask questions, meet other fosters, and share their own tips and tricks on handling situations.
It is required for anyone interested in fostering kittens 0 – 8 weeks, pregnant moms (cats and dogs), and puppies 0 – 12 weeks.

Training Sessions

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