Pet Partners

The Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) has a very special group of friends that does everything they can to help animals—they are our Pet Partners.
Pet Partners provide a regular source of support that we can count on at the Cleveland APL, ensuring  that we can save the lives of animals every day of the year. Rather than sending gifts periodically  throughout the year, Pet Partners become monthly donors and break down what could be a more substantial annual gift into manageable monthly gifts.
Will you consider becoming a Pet Partner today to help us help more animals like Tiger and John Rambo?
Tiger, an adorable two-year-old cat, arrived at the Cleveland APL in serious condition. He was lethargic and very dehydrated. Our veterinary team determined he had a life-threatening urinary obstruction.
The team immediately went to work to save his life. Treatment required placing a urinary catheter to relieve the obstruction. Tiger stayed at the shelter for a while to continue to receive medical treatment,
and while here, quickly became a staff favorite due to his loveable personality. Because his recovery would take a little longer, we decided he should spend some time in the home of one of our APL foster
families. Tiger was in our care for a little over two months before he found his new home.
John Rambo, a three-year-old, handsome Great Dane with a wonderful personality, was transferred to the Cleveland APL from another shelter that could not afford the surgery he would require. You see, John Rambo had an injury to his tail that required partial amputation to improve his quality of life. John Rambo quickly recovered from the surgery, and the big guy was adopted just a few days later. The Cleveland APL’s mission is to foster compassion and end animal suffering. Every day, we rescue abused and neglected animals, and offer shelter to homeless pets like Tiger and John Rambo. Our veterinary team and foster families nurse sick and injured animals back to health; we promote compassionate and responsible pet guardianship; and we strive to elevate the status of companion animals in our society. We do not turn companion animals in need away due to their age, health, or temperament. This year, approximately 14,000 animals will benefit from the Cleveland APL’s programs and services, most of them right here at our animal care facility in Tremont. There is no limit to the amount of time an animal can stay at the APL. As long as they are healthy and friendly or humanely and safely treatable, they will be with us until we find their happily ever after.
I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to become a Pet Partner and help us continue the meaningful work we are doing for animals. As a Pet Partner, you will be there to help wonderful animals get their second chance at a happy future every month. We cannot do it without you!
Here are some examples of how your monthly donation can help:

  •  $15 provides approximately one day of gasoline for the vehicles our Humane Investigations Team uses to rescue animals from life-threatening situations.
  •  $25 provides FVRCP vaccines, which prevents potentially deadly airborne viruses, for 7 cats.
  • $50 provides pre-surgical blood work for 1 senior dog or cat.
  • $75 provides flea treatment for one day.
  • $100 provides food for all the shelter animals for one day.
  • $200 provides one in-house specialty surgery.

We hope you will join this amazing group of people. Once you have signed up to become a Pet Partner, we will bill the credit card of your choice on the same day of each month based on the initial charge date. You will then be helping animals all year long!
We value your commitment and we know that together, we can make a real difference. Please join us as a Pet Partner today and help us save lives.