Cats at the Cleveland APL Need Homes NOW!

Jason Cook

The Cleveland APL does not have room for ONE MORE cat in our shelter. We will not euthanize healthy, friendly animals, or animals we can treat, for space or time limits. However, in the past week, we’ve taken in 160 cats in-need and only adopted out 70. Unless we find more adopters, this will continue until we reach a point we can’t bring anymore cats in.

The photo below (left) shows what our cat admitting room looked like on Monday when we took in nearly 30 cats. The litter of kittens pictured in the first carrier was found living outside as strays, fending for themselves, with nowhere to call home. On Tuesday, another 40 came in, and among them were a litter of kittens who had been duct-taped into a box for their trip to the APL (pictured on right).

For that reason, this Friday and Saturday, June  6th and 7th, we are completely waiving the adoption fee for cats one-year-old and up, and reducing the fee to $50 for cats less than one-year-old. The fee for a second cat or kitten will be $20.

Our goal is to find homes for at least 100 of the 180 cats who are available for adoption right now.