Cleveland APL Animal Care and Resource Center


In 2022 we completed our $13.5-million Unleash the Dream capital campaign to expand and renovate our shelter. Through this project, we are now able to meet the needs of today’s animals and families and be flexible enough to respond to what the future might bring our way. With a facility that aligns with today’s needs, we can fine tune and expand existing programs and create new programs and services that will better support the animals and people in our community and shape our future as an organization.

The renovation has also allowed us to become “More Than a Shelter.” The Cleveland APL is now a critical community resource and partner where pet owners can access resources and the care that they want and need to provide to their pets. In turn, the care of pets in the community will be elevated, and families will be kept together. This will also allow us to reserve our limited cage space for animals who are victims of abuse or neglect, whose owners don’t have other options, or whose owners don’t want them or aren’t willing to care for them.

We would love to show you our facility in person. If you would like to schedule an in-person behind-the-scenes tour please call April Clark, our Donor Relations Officer at (216) 771-8823.