Fill Your Empty Nest With a Kitty Companion


WhatAre your kids off at school?  Are you feeling lonely?  Does your house have an eerie quiet that you can’t shake?  Do you miss the sounds of movement through the house?  Long for evening companionship when you settle in to watch your favorite show?  Suffer from Empty Nest Syndrome no more: The Cleveland Animal Protective League is here to help!

We can fill your house with love, joy, and companionship all over again.  Want noise and commotion, love and snuggling?  We can help!  It’s our experience that nothing brightens an empty house like the addition of a loving rescue cat or kitten.  And it just so happens that we have lots of wonderful cats and kittens waiting for a chance to bring your home back to life.  Let our wonderful cats and kittens rescue you while you rescue them!

We love facilitating mutually beneficial relationships so much that we’re reducing our cat and kitten adoption fees this Friday and Saturday, September 20th-21st.  Adult cats 5 months and older will be available for only $5 and kittens under 5 months will be available for only $10.  Any second cat or kitten will be available for only $20.   (Regular adoption fees are $45 for adult cats and $95 for kittens.)

“Fill your empty nest with a new kitty companion,” says Sharon Harvey, President and CEO of the Cleveland APL.  “By filling the void in your house, you also have the added benefit of rescuing a homeless animal and saving a life.  We have a lot of cats and kittens in need right now and by adopting one—or two—you’ll get priceless love and gratitude in return and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference.”