Jason Cook

Cleveland APL Waives Adoption Fee for Adult Cats for Two Days Only!APL_Adoption_ad_8_26_2010

The Cleveland Animal Protective League wants the community to know about the wonderful cats and kittens who are waiting for homes at the shelter.

Sure, many people think why get a cat or kitten from a humane society when I can get one for free from a friend, neighbor or family member? Well here’s why. At the Cleveland APL, every cat and kitten has been spayed or neutered, given their initial vaccines, treated for fleas and worms, and tested for feline leukemia, feline HIV, and heartworms, all of which will save an adopter nearly $300 in future care! So, for two days only – Friday, August 27th and Saturday, August 28th – the Cleveland APL will match the price of that “free” cat and waive the adoption fee for all of our fabulous felines who are one year old and up! Cats and kittens under one year of age will be available for an adoption fee of $10. The adoption fee for any second cat or kitten will be $20.

“This issue is so critical that we are willing to do something drastic to raise awareness – and this is pretty drastic as it costs us an average of $200 to care for a cat at the APL. We bring in hundreds of cats and kittens each week. All healthy, friendly animals stay with us until we’ve found them a home – there is no limit on the time they may spend at the APL – but we can only keep doing that if animals are adopted as fast as new animals come in – that’s the only way we can keep saving every life possible,” said Cleveland APL Executive Director, Sharon Harvey.

While the APL is waiving the adoption fee over this two day period, it is not waiving the requirements for a good home. A good home is one that has thoughtfully considered all aspects of what adopting a pet means and is willing
to make the commitment to care for that pet through sickness and in health.

Call (216) 771-4616 for more information or visit if you would like to see photographs of animals who are available for adoption.

All cats will come with a collar, APL ID tag, travel box, helpful species-specific animal care information, 30 days of free health insurance, and a free initial veterinary exam. Regular adoption fees are $30 senior cats, $45 adult cats, $95 for kittens.