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We believe that all animals deserve the medical care they need and loving attention while they recover.  As a nonprofit organization on a limited budget, we are frequently challenged by the cost of medical care for the animals which arrive at our doorstep. If you believe that every animal deserves the same care and attention that you would give your own pet, contribute to our Second Chance Program and help extraordinary animals overcome extraordinary circumstances.

Here are some of the many animals whose lives have been changed through our Second Chance Program:


Sauron for Second Chance
Two-year-old Sauron was transferred to the APL from an overcrowded shelter through our Dog Transfer Program.  He had a serious injury to his eye, and the APL veterinary team thought he may have been hit by a car.  It was determined that the best thing for the little guy was to remove his injured eye.  Following surgery, Sauron recovered in the home of an APL Foster Care volunteer.  When he came back to the APL and was ready to be adopted, Sauron wasted no time finding his forever home.  His happy ending came just one day after being put on the adoption floor!


Misty was just one month old when she arrived at the Cleveland APL.  She was found in a sewer by an area police officer who brought her to the APL.  Misty had multiple spots of hair loss with scabbing, and her left eye was swollen shut.  Being so young and considering her health issues, it was critical that Misty went to the home of an APL Foster Care Volunteer.  Misty spent two months in Foster Care, recovering and learning how to be a kitten!  Lucky Misty, she was adopted the day she was put on the adoption floor.


Brownie was just two months old when she came to the APL.  The little pit bull mix was underweight and suffering from a severe case of mange.  Brownie’s medical treatment required several months of care.  While waiting for a foster home for Brownie, the APL staff developed a training and enrichment plan for her.  Brownie received one-on-one training and learned good manners through the APL’s project STAR program.  In fact, she was the first dog to be enrolled in the APL’s training and behavior program.  She even went home with a couple of staff members overnight so she could get used to life outside the shelter.  Once Brownie had recovered from mange, thanks to project STAR, she was more than ready to become a well-behaved family member in her new home!


Penelope, a white American Rabbit with gray markings, arrived at the APL in October 2013 in the arms of a Good Samaritan, who had found her outside.  Penelope’s back leg was injured; X-rays later confirmed it was broken.  Thanks to donations to the APL’s Second Chance Program, Penelope’s leg was repaired and she was sent to the home of a foster care volunteer to recover, and to get a little extra love.  Penny’s foster mom discovered that she was a very clever and curious rabbit.  So clever, in fact, that when Penny resisted taking her medicine from a syringe, her foster mom resorted to hollowing out baby carrots to create “carrot cups” to hide the medicine.  Penny got her happy ending just two days before Christmas, when her new mom came to APL looking for a friend for her other rabbit, Bun Bun, who was also adopted from the APL.  Penny and Bun Bun enjoyed the holidays at home and are now best friends!

 See our Second Chance Program in action!

For additional Second Chance Program information contact our Development Office at 216-344-1353 or by e-mail.