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APL Happy Tales – Every Tail has a Tale!

As an independent, nonprofit humane agency which receives no government funding, and being reliant on service fees and donations, we are especially pleased and touched when our friends include a note about their experiences with an adopted APL animal and the wonderful life that guardianship has brought to both human and animal alike! The Cleveland APL is where happily ever after begins; these stories share what happens to shelter pets and their new owners after they leave our facility.

Max and Maisy’s Happily Ever After

We adopted Zach and Darla the end of August of this year. We had visited several times to spend time with Zach and knew from the first time that we wanted to take him home. When I came to pick him up, we found out the APL staff really wanted him adopted with his mommy, Darla. When they brought her in she ran straight up to me, jumped in my lap and kissed me. I knew then that we simply couldn’t say no. It took another couple weeks before we were able to take them both, but after 3 months of having them we realize keeping them together was the best choice for all of us. They light up our world. They immediately settled into our new home as it was a new beginning for all of us. They are the most adorable goofs. We’ve since changed their names to Max and Maisy – which they took to immediately. It really brought them out of their shell. They spend alot of time being lazy, and are still trying to figure out the cats are not toys, but they LOVE going for walks and Maisy can’t help but stick her little nose out of the window on car rides. I’m glad we were able to give both a second chance… they rescued us as much as we rescued them…


Chewie’s Happy Life

ChewieWe adopted Chewie (formerly 7-up) in May of 2014. Our only concern was the amount of energy she had. Once we got her home though, we realized she was the perfect fit for our 3 kids (all under 8) and our 2 year old Westie. She now spends her days running all over the yard playing with the kids getting a ton of exercise and a ton of love. She couldn’t be happier, and neither could we!


Pinky is Perfect! 


Two years ago, our cat of 20 years passed away. Once we were ready to bring another cat into our home, we started looking at the various adoption websites. Once we saw Pinky’s picture we were in love. We went down the next day, and met her for the first time. She was scared and shy but we could tell she had a special something. The first month or so was an adjustment period for her, but once she realized she was in HER home she really came out of her shell and had been an absolutely perfect fit with our household. She is so sweet and adorable and is really all you could ask for in a cat. We call her “Perfect Pinky!”

Pinky’s Family

Celebrating Andy’s Adopt-iversary

On December 26, 2008, we adopted a quiet Dalmatian mix, Holly, who was my baby until she had to cross the Rainbow Bridge in February 2011 after an attack with a neighbor’s dog.  Not wanting any more dogs, I put away her things when I was ready and never thought about having another dog.  We had since “beagle-sat” my daughter’s senior dog, G, and I was happy just having him part time, as I was not ready for another full time dog.

Fast forward to May 2013. My husband and I talked about another dog.  Again, I still didn’t want one, but I did look at profiles on your website.  There was an elderly female beagle who was on hold, so I looked at the other hounds.  One that caught my eye was a one year old beagle mix, Andy.  His goofy grin, tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, won me over.  So, we piled in the car and came down to Willey Avenue to visit him.  He was so quiet and calm in his kennel, so he was taken out and placed in a visiting room with us.  So much for calm!  I fell in love with him instantly (he was the first–and last–kennel I went to).  I immediately went to the front desk to complete the adoption process.  May 29, 2013, Andy (known as Andy to you also) came home with us.  Today, May 29, 2014, is his one-year adoptiversary, and he enjoyed a beer (ok, a beer-mug shaped dog cookie) and is currently destroying his nemesis, a stuffed squirrel.  He has learned basic commands (sit, stay, down, speak) and listens when he wants to (it’s the beagle in him).  He is a great companion, wild, goofy, and a loving member of our household.  I cannot imagine life without him.  Thank you for all you do for animals in the Greater Cleveland area!  I am proud to recommend your organization to everyone seeking to add a furry family member to their home.

Lisa Mulloy

Lola the Lovebug10735890_10152728042240155_282413904_n

I saw a picture of Lola (formerly, Snowball) on the APL website this past August, and had an intuition that she’d be a wonderful addition to my home. Turns out I was right. Lola is a goofy, playful girl who loves to play fetch, go for 4-mile runs, and cuddle throughout the night. She’s a lovebug, and a complete blessing!


Gertie’s Happy Ending


We adopted Gertie from the APL/Parma PetSmart just about a month ago, and she’s already a very welcome addition to our family. She was a pregnant stray who had her puppies in foster care, and when her puppies were adopted she was taken to the APL at Parma PetSmart. She’s a very sweet 6 year old girl that absolutely loves to chase squirrels and can’t get enough backyard time! For such a loving dog that probably had a very rough life so far, she’s doing great and her gentle spirit really shines. Please consider adopting an older dog from the APL – they’re worth it!

Kathleen Capka

Princess Meow Meow, the Cuddlebug

IMG_3359I adopted Princess Meow Meow last fall. She was 14 years old and my heart broke for her being an older cat in the shelter. She is now the absolute love of my life. Despite her age, she loves to play! Her days include sleeping, perching on the windowsill, playing with the laser toy, and her favorite: cuddling. The excitement in her eyes when she sees me climb into bed just melts me. She zooms right up next to me and rests her chin on my arms and purrs nonstop. To anyone hesitating on adopting an older cat–don’t! Thank you Cleveland APL for my gorgeous feline friend!!


Tessy’s Tale of Love.facebook_802588086

I wanted to send an updated photo of our kitten Tessy who’s now 9 months old. We adopted her last spring from the APL when she was very young.  She is so well behaved it’s hard to imagine she was ever roaming the streets of Cleveland. She has always used her litter box and doesn’t really scratch too much,  but we have soft nail caps on her just in case. Her favorite activities include licking our cotton t-shirts, hiding her toys under the bed and hanging out  in the bathroom sink. She certainly loves the water just like an orange tabby. Recently she even jumped into a full bathtub! Thanks for bringing us together! She has certainly found her forever home with us.

Meghan Wawak

Lola is Loved!1660686_10152165526647929_717649405_n

Our family just wanted to give a quick update on Lola! We adopted Lola, a Chihuahua, from the Cleveland APL 2 years ago this month and she has brought our family nothing but love and happiness. She was found under a car and was in pretty bad shape when you found her. Now, she likes to snuggle underneath the covers, go on walks, wear pretty pink dresses, and give lots of big, sloppy kisses. Our family has come to agreement that she is the best dog we have ever had. Thank you so much for allowing us to bring her into our lives!

The Nunemaker Family

Murphy Brown, the Rescue PupMurphy Brown

As I approach the two year anniversary of adopting Murphy Brown from the APL, it’s nearly unimaginable to picture life without her. I can remember the first time I went into a room to meet her, she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and I was hooked. Together we’ve both grown into adults who still will never pass up the chance for some play time or to chase a squirrel (more so Murphy than me). Sometimes it seems more fitting to call these pups rescuers rather than rescues, because I’m not sure what I’d do without her.

Sam Giacomantonio

Hope’s Happy LifeDSC_0046

We adopted Hope (aka Sasha) this past July. She was a small, timid cat hiding in the yellow bin in her cage. We took her out and held her and she looked at us with her little green eyes as if to say ‘take me home’. She came home with us that day. Now, three months later she is enjoying life indoors with her new family. Hope spends her days playing, bird watching, sleeping, and of course eating. Her new hobby is playing tag with Buster, one of our other cats.

The Haynes Family



 Marty, the Birthday Boy!

I wanted you to see Marty. His birthday was this week and he is doing great! After many tries, I found food he really likes so he grows and grows. He loves running, plays with toys, loves his chewies and vanilla wafers. The cats love him and he likes them too. When he hears them start to argue he races behind me and hides. We have a success story with this adoption. He is my bed buddy, sleeps under the covers, and we all love him.

Thanks so much for my baby,

Linda Agee

Maddie’s Second ChanceDSCF09311

Five years ago I found Maddie, a seven month old grey tabby, at the APL. When I first saw her staring out at me from her cage she had already been through quite the ordeal. According to her records, she was brought into the APL with a badly broken leg. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the APL and Gateway Animal Clinic,her leg was saved using a metal rod and some pins. Today, Maddie lives the good life with her older sister Chibi. I can’t thank the APL enough for all they do.

Lindsey & Maddie


happyTail-Sasha2Sasha: A belly rub is all it took!

A little over a year ago my husband and I were walking through Beachwood mall when we saw Sasha (you called her Candy). We had no plans on bringing home another dog that day but we are so happy we did! When she looked at us and rolled over for us to rub her belly we knew she would be a great addition to our family.

Sasha is now a pampered pooch who loves to run around with her new ‘sister’ Sadie. She is even wonderful with our cat Maxwell. We are outnumbered by our pets but could not be happier! She has even been with us to our cabin in Michigan a couple of times already and enjoys wading in the water and going for walks in the woods.

Thank you so much for rescuing her… now she will never be abandoned again.

Laura and Jason Rose

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