Behavior Help

For further assistance with training your dog, we recommend contacting a positive reinforcement trainer, such as Cold Nose CompanionsNorth Coast Dogs, A Better Pet, LLC, Hand in Paw, and K9 Coaches.

* The Cleveland Animal Protective League is not affiliated with the trainers listed above and cannot guarantee results or satisfaction. 
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Animal Behavior Resources

Canine Resources
Submissive Urination
House Training Your Puppy
Separation Anxiety
Aggressive Behavior
Mouthing, Nipping and Play-Biting
Destructive Chewing
Food Guarding
Crate Training
The Problem with Dominance
Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump Up on People
Teaching Your Dog Not to Pull on a Leash
Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called
Dog-Proofing Your Home
Why Socialization Is So Important
Why, When, and How To Train Your Pup
Choosing Your New Dog
Kids and Dogs
Feline Resources
Introducing Your Cat to a New Dog
Other Resources
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