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Foster Care


Are you interested in helping the Cleveland APL from the comfort of your own home? Do you love animals but would rather have the cuteness without the long-term commitment? Consider becoming a Foster Care Volunteer.  Our foster volunteers provide temporary, in-home care for animals until they are ready for adoption. We will provide you with training, supplies, and medical care for any foster animal you take into your home.

Animals in need of foster care include:
• Animals too young to be adopted
• Mothers with their nursing offspring
• Animals being treated for an illness
• Animals recovering from an injury

How do you become a Cleveland APL foster parent?
1.    Sign up to attend a Foster Volunteer Orientation. Click here to sign up!
2.    Complete a Foster Home Application after attending orientation.
3.    Pass a background check.
4.    Take home your first foster animal!

The Cleveland APL’s Foster Program has helped thousands of animals get a second chance at life and we couldn’t do it without the care and dedication of our foster care volunteers. Check out a testimonial from one of our incredible Foster Care families!

Questions? Please contact us 216-771-4616 x136 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Foster Care Wish List:

KMR – Powdered Kitten Milk Replacement Formula
Powdered Puppy Formula or Esbilac FormulaCat/Kitten Canned/Dry Food
Dog/Puppy Canned/Dry Food
Clay Litter
Cat Toys
Animal Carriers
Animal Crates
Small Animal Nursing Bottles
Soft Towels and Pillow Cases