Andy’s Happy Tale

Celebrating Andy’s Adopt-iversary

On December 26, 2008, we adopted a quiet Dalmatian mix, Holly, who was my baby until she had to cross the Rainbow Bridge in February 2011 after an attack with a neighbor’s dog.  Not wanting any more dogs, I put away her things when I was ready and never thought about having another dog.  We had since “beagle-sat” my daughter’s senior dog, G, and I was happy just having him part time, as I was not ready for another full time dog.
Fast forward to May 2013. My husband and I talked about another dog.  Again, I still didn’t want one, but I did look at profiles on your website.  There was an elderly female beagle who was on hold, so I looked at the other hounds.  One that caught my eye was a one year old beagle mix, Andy.  His goofy grin, tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, won me over.  So, we piled in the car and came down to Willey Avenue to visit him.  He was so quiet and calm in his kennel, so he was taken out and placed in a visiting room with us.  So much for calm!  I fell in love with him instantly (he was the first–and last–kennel I went to).  I immediately went to the front desk to complete the adoption process.  May 29, 2013, Andy (known as Andy to you also) came home with us.  Today, May 29, 2014, is his one-year adoptiversary, and he enjoyed a beer (ok, a beer-mug shaped dog cookie) and is currently destroying his nemesis, a stuffed squirrel.  He has learned basic commands (sit, stay, down, speak) and listens when he wants to (it’s the beagle in him).  He is a great companion, wild, goofy, and a loving member of our household.  I cannot imagine life without him.  Thank you for all you do for animals in the Greater Cleveland area!  I am proud to recommend your organization to everyone seeking to add a furry family member to their home.

Lisa Mulloy