See our Second Chance Program in Action!

We believe that all animals deserve the medical care they need and loving attention while they recover.  As a nonprofit organization on a limited budget, we are frequently challenged by the cost of medical care for the animals which arrive at our doorstep. If you believe that every animal deserves the same care and attention that you would give your own pet, contribute to our Second Chance Program and help extraordinary animals overcome extraordinary circumstances.

Every year the Cleveland APL takes in thousands of sick, injured, and special-needs animals that require a little extra help and medical care.  Some are turned in by their owners or by caring individuals who found them as strays. Others are abused, abandoned, or neglected animals that are rescued by our Humane Investigation officers. Your gift will help to provide veterinary care for wonderful animals that are looking for a chance, not only to survive, but also to heal and be given a chance to start a new, healthy life with a “forever” family full of love.

Make a donation today and know that you have enabled us to save the lives of animals that come to us ill, abused, injured or “less than perfect.”  On behalf of all of the animals that benefit from our Second Chance Program, thank you!

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