TO: All Cleveland APL Employees
FROM: Ron Srnka, Senior Director of Human Resources
DATE: November 20, 2020


Accordingly, the Cleveland APL is aligning its travel policy with the current Ohio self-quarantine guidelines. Effective November 20th and until further notice, the Cleveland APL recommends the following return to work self-quarantine after personal, out-of-state travel:

Personal out-of-state travel is permitted, but not recommended. Per current public health advisories, the Cleveland APL strongly suggests that employees adhere to the following return to work quarantine recommendations after personal, out-of-state travel:

Per Ohio’s current COVID-19 Travel Advisory, those entering Ohio after travel to states reporting positive testing rates of 15% or higher for COVID-19 are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days.

NOTE: Employees are required to include actual travel dates and destination on “request time off” submissions, for all personal, out-of-state travel.

Employees are required to record testing-positivity rate of the destination state(s) on their departure date and on their date of return to Ohio. The employee’s supervisor will confirm rates prior to the employee’s departure and an employee’s return to the workplace.

(NOTE:  State information also can be found on the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/testing-positivity)

Individual states have a mix of quarantine requirements and recommendations for visitors and residents returning from travels overseas and from other states. Employees considering out-of-state travel should check government websites for their destination and anywhere they plan to stop overnight. 

Employees who fail to comply with the requirements listed above will be subject to corrective action, as described in the Employee Handbook, up to and including termination.

A supervisor, manager, director, and/or the human resources department, is available to help you with any concerns or questions about these revised recommendations.

We are truly grateful for your hard work and dedication to our mission. Our animals and community need you – and so do we! Also, as we move through these frequently changing mandates and recommendations, we appreciate your patience and understanding. As always, our focus is your safety and the safety of our animals, our clients, and our community.

I sincerely appreciate every one of you. Please think safety! Please work safely!

Ron Srnka, Senior Director of Human Resources
Mobile phone: (330) 304-8379
Work phone:  (216) 377-1620

Email: rsrnka@clevelandapl.org

*Confidentiality of Medical Information Our policy is to treat any medical information as a confidential medical record. In furtherance of this policy, any disclosure of medical information is in limited circumstances with supervisors, managers, first aid and safety personnel, Human Resources and government officials as required by law.