Cleveland APL Position Statements

Ohio Issue 2 –  OPPOSED

A Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board (OLCSB).

The Cleveland APL’s mission is to foster compassion and end animal suffering. While much of our focus rests on bettering the lives of companion animals, we are advocates for the humane treatment of all animals. As a county humane society organized under Chapter 1717 of the Ohio Revised Code, we not only provide animal surrender, sheltering, sterilization, and adoption programs for the people and pets in our community, but we also enforce Ohio’s animal cruelty laws (ORC Chapter 959), under which farm animals are among those protected. Surprisingly, given our enforcement roles and investment in issues involving the welfare of animals, Ohio humane societies were NOT invited to join discussions about the need to create the OLCSB, its role, or its composition. Of the thirteen-member Board that Issue 2 proposes, only one seat was designated for a representative from a county humane society, or for that matter, from any Ohio animal advocacy affiliation. We support the concept of creating a regulatory Board that will serve to establish standards governing the care and welfare of livestock and poultry in Ohio. However, the Cleveland APL opposes Issue 2 on the grounds that this Board should NOT be created by constitutional amendment, because by doing so, Ohioans will be giving away their voice and ability to hold the Board accountable for their actions or inactions through their legislators. Accordingly, we do not believe this action will serve the best interests of the people or animals of Ohio. In conclusion, the Cleveland Animal Protective League opposes Issue 2 as proposed.

Ban Ohio Dog Auctions – SUPPORT

The Cleveland Animal Protective League supports efforts to ban dog auctions in the State of Ohio. Dog auctions allow the “puppy mill” industry, which is comprised of breeders who use inhumane practices to breed and house dogs, to prosper by acting as an intermediary in the sale of their breeding dogs and offspring. Their dogs are commonly kept in small cages, sometimes in horrific conditions, and denied the ability to express natural behaviors, such as the joy of running and experiencing affection. The Cleveland APL vigorously opposes any activity or practice that results in inhumane treatment of animals, so accordingly, we applaud efforts to ban dog auctions and regulate “puppy mill-type” breeding in the State of Ohio and across the United States.

Position Approved by the Cleveland APL Board of Directors September 23, 2009