Dog-Proofing Your Home

Jason Cook

apl-smBefore you bring your new best friend home, it is essential that you dog-proof your house and yard.  Just as you would for a child, you must look at your home with a dog’s-eye view in order to recognize which items and spaces might pose a risk for your dog.  Go through each room, and remove anything that would smell, taste, or look interesting to a curious pup.

  •  Cover wires that are attached to computers, TVs, and telephones.
  •  Pick up children’s toys and items that can be knocked over.
  •  Make sure that there are no loose items lying on the floor that might pose a choking hazard to your dog.
  •  Store your shoes in the closet, and keep dirty clothes in the hamper.
  • Store medications in a high cupboard, and use childproof latches to secure cupboards where cleaning supplies and other chemicals are kept.
  •  Put your trash cans in the cupboard under the sink, or secure them tightly.
  •  Discard any plants that might be toxic to your pet.  These include many common houseplants, lilies, and poinsettias.
  •  Use baby gates and closed doors to block your dog’s access to off-limit roomsRemove anything that might be tempting to your dog, for his safety and your sanity.  It is easier to keep things put away than to chase your dog around the house when he gets something he shouldn’t have.