Happy Tale – Chip

Jason Cook

Chip’s Story – Facebook found Chip his forever home!


My husband and I adopted Chip from the APL a couple of weeks ago. He had been brought in with another dog that was eventually adopted and he was left behind. After seeing his video on the APL’s Facebook page, I was totally smitten. We were anxious for him to meet our other dog Libby so we could be sure they were compatible. Fortunately they hit it off immediately so we decided to adopt him.

We brought Chip home with us and for the first few days he was pretty shy and nervous. His little stumpy tail rarely wagged and he just seemed confused. But after giving him time, patience, and love he has completely turned around. He and Libby are inseparable and he is a total Momma’s boy, he has to be wherever I am. He loves to be petted and will rest his head in my lap wanting more. And as soon as we pull the leash out of the closet, his tail goes non-stop until we are out the door.

We are so happy we were able to provide Chip with his forever home. He has brought such joy and love into our family. Attached you will find a couple of pictures of our happy boy. God bless you all for the work you do.