Happy Tale – Lil aka Misty

Jason Cook

Lil aka Misty – Hanging out with the girls


Just dropping an update to you about Lil aka Misty. We adopted Lil one year ago. She is an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler that we saw on Channel 5. She is doing very well as you can see by the photos. These pictures were taken at Christmas when she was hanging out on the couch with the girls.

She is getting along good with her big brother Doc who she harasses daily trying to get him to run with her. He outweighs her by 65 pounds but she doesn’t care! She still feels she needs to steal his toys and try and get him to chase her. She is enjoying her two acres, loves my wife to death and is also very protective of her.

She has taken well to everybody but the cats. She does tend to find anything that stinks and proceeds to roll in it on a weekly basis. She is the cleanest in Columbia Station. She is getting ready for her yearly check-up at Dr. Fox’s. Just thought we would send you an update and some pictures.