Happy Tale – Lola


Lola – The smartest in the house… or at least the second


We had been looking for a dog from some time and were getting discouraged when we happened to find Lola in early November.  It didn’t take us very long to see how sweet she is, and she’s been a blast ever since!  Even though she hadn’t been there long, the APL was right on about her size and temperament, which was very helpful. Lola has turned out to be shockingly smart, probably the second smartest in the house after my wife, who has trained her to run along with us and do about a dozen great tricks.  In fact, she learned to roll over the first time!  She’s is all energy all the time, which makes for a lot of fun.  Most of her day is spent looking out the window at the squirrels, and then trotting little laps around the house.  Once we discovered that the only thing Lola loves more than squirrels is food, we’ve figured out how to keep her calm (sometimes).  When she’s not at the window or trotting she’s sleeping, but mostly she just loves to be where we are as much as possible – we’re still working on ‘personal space.’

Thanks, APL, for taking such good care of Lola until we found her.

The Jeffers