Happy Tale – Nora

Jason Cook

Nora’s Story – Eskimo kisses

We adopted Nora, formerly Evangeline, on December 4, 2009. She had been in a neglectful home where she was tied up outside and left for dead when her owners moved away without her. When she was brought to the APL, the poor girl was only 16 pounds–less than half of what she should be. She had the wackiest ears I’ve ever seen on a dog, and that’s what attracted me to her.


With just a blurry picture with ears out to the sides, I fell in love with her. A day after seeing her picture, we made the 30 minute drive to the shelter to see her. When we didn’t see her on the adoption floor, we were discouraged. Luckily for us, she was in holding. Just an hour later, we finalized the adoption! She’s settled in beautifully (even taking up all the space on my bed)! She loves to play with our other dog, Nick. She’s now at 35 pounds, happy and healthy.

She’s learned a lot since coming home. We’ve gotten her housebroken and she can now sit, lie down, hug, give kisses, give Eskimo kisses and play dead. She’s the laziest Border Collie we’ve ever seen, so, we’re hoping that getting her into agility classes will perk her up. When we got her from the shelter, she was shy and walked gingerly. Now she bounces around the house with joy, hoping we’ll give her a treat or two for just being adorable. We plan on bringing her back to visit you in February so you can see how we’ll she’s been doing. Thanks for keeping her safe while she waited patiently to get a home where she can be spoiled rotten.