Happy Tale – Oscar

Jason Cook

Oscar – He wasn’t just a dog. (MAY NEED A TISSUE)HappyTails-Oscar

It is now 2 weeks since I held my dying friend in my arms and said goodbye.  The cancer didn’t show signs until it was too late.  We miss him so much.  Any strange noise, any morsel of uneaten food, or a few floating hairs makes me sad.  I’ve never lost someone this close to me before.  I refer to Oscar as a someone because he was somebody.  He was our son, our brother, our baby, and our friend.  He wasn’t just a dog.  That is an insult to him and his spirit.

Our family is not whole anymore.  Yesterday my daughter found one of his treats that he would take back by his bed.  He would sometimes save them if he didn’t want it right away.  We laughed then cried together.

Although this letter sounds sad, it was sent to you out of love and admiration.  I am sending this to say thank you.  Thank you for your services that brought happiness to our home for almost 10 years.  Without you we wouldn’t have had the honor of not owning a dog, but opening our home and our hearts for a friend.

Oscar was a black and tan Coon-Hound with some Shar-pei mixed in.  He would have been 10 years old this July.  We got him from your shelter when he was 6 weeks old.  You had just put him out for viewing that morning.  We were there when the doors were opened and saw him right away.  We knew he was new because we were there the day before and he wasn’t.
That was the beginning of our friendship.

Thank you,
Ernie Finch