Max and Maisy’s Happy Tale

Max and Maisy’s Happily Ever After

We adopted Zach and Darla the end of August of this year. We had visited several times to spend time with Zach and knew from the first time that we wanted to take him home. When I came to pick him up, we found out the APL staff really wanted him adopted with his mommy, Darla. When they brought her in she ran straight up to me, jumped in my lap and kissed me. I knew then that we simply couldn’t say no. It took another couple weeks before we were able to take them both, but after 3 months of having them we realize keeping them together was the best choice for all of us. They light up our world. They immediately settled into our new home as it was a new beginning for all of us. They are the most adorable goofs. We’ve since changed their names to Max and Maisy – which they took to immediately. It really brought them out of their shell. They spend alot of time being lazy, and are still trying to figure out the cats are not toys, but they LOVE going for walks and Maisy can’t help but stick her little nose out of the window on car rides. I’m glad we were able to give both a second chance… they rescued us as much as we rescued them…