Home To Home

Home To Home helps pets stay out of shelters. Through this unique program, pets can go from one home to another without ever stepping paw in a shelter. To rehome your pet or find a pet to adopt, visit here.

How Home To Home Works

Home To Home is free for both owners and adopters and, by directly pairing up adopters and owners, it ensures that the best possible match is made for each pet. This innovative program is win-win: potential adopters can communicate directly with owners regarding adoptable pets and animals stay out of the shelter, avoiding stress and anxiety.

Click here to rehome your pet or view adoptable animals today!The Cleveland APL is making continuous steps towards providing animals with the most Stress Free experiences possible, and in many cases that means not coming to a shelter. We are still here to assist animals in need and if you meet with an animal that you feel may need extra care, please call email our Admissions team at AnimalAdmissions@ClevelandAPL.org for additional assistance.