Impact September 2015: Vixen – From Homeless to Happiness



Vixen, a sweet 1-year-old Boxer mix, was rescued by our Humane Investigations team and brought to the Cleveland APL for help after she was found injured and tied up in the back yard of her home. She had no food, water, or shelter and was in desperate need of help.
After being examined by our veterinary team, it was determined that poor Vixen had likely been hit by a car and fractured her leg. Vixen was also having issues with her hip joints, a condition also known as hip dysplasia. Despite all of this, Vixen proved to APL staff and volunteers that these conditions would not keep her down!
DonateNowAfter receiving the love and medical care she needed at the Cleveland APL, Vixen spent some time healing in the home of a loving Cleveland APL Foster Care volunteer. In her foster home, she loved to play and would sometimes scoot or “bunny hop” to get around. Vixen was not slowed down one bit and, after spending time with her foster family, the adorable pooch was ready to come back to the APL to find a family to call her own.
Just a couple of days after Vixen headed to our adoption floor, she was adopted by her loving dad. Vixen’s dad understood her history and knew that she would need more of veterinary care throughout her life, but that did not stop him from adopting. During his adoption follow-up, Vixen’s dad reported that he adopted this pretty pup because “she spoke to me.” Vixen couldn’t be happier in her new home, and we couldn’t be happier for her. It was an honor to be able to be her voice and help her to find her happy ending – and that’s thanks to YOU and your support!