A Home for the Holidays!

Jason Cook

Cat Adoption Extravaganza December 14th-16th at the Cleveland APL

The cats at the Cleveland Animal Protective League have submitted their annual letter to Santa Paws.  The following note was found on the floor of the cat adoption room by a staff member at the Cleveland Animal Protective League:

Dear Santa Paws:

As always, we were purr-fect kitties this year.  We kept the “cat-itude” to a minimum, and were even told that we have great purr-sonalities.  We didn’t climb on too many things, we always use our litter boxes, and we love to keep laps warm during the cold winter months!  So, in exchange for our good behavior, all we’re asking for this holiday season is a fur-ever home and a family to love and who will love us.  That’s not too much, is it?

Much love, The Cats at the APL

P.S.  Oh, and please don’t forget our doggie friends.  We may not like all of them but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a wonderful home for the holidays, too …LettertoSanta2012

Sharon Harvey, CEO of the Cleveland APL, has come to expect displays of feline brilliance, but this letter was exceptional.  Harvey exclaimed, “We’ve always known our cats were amazing and smart, but who knew they could send a letter?  Truly, they need to be in the hearts and homes of someone special this holiday season!” In response, and as there are still SO many more cats than dogs at the Cleveland area humane society, the Cleveland APL is holding a Home for the Holidays celebration and reducing adoption fees for cats that are over five months of age to $5 and kittens under five months to only $20 on December 14th, 15th, and 16th only!  (Regular cat adoption fees are $45 and kitten fees are $95.) All adoptable animals can be viewed online at www.ClevelandAPL.org.  Please HURRY!