Cat Numbers Reach CRITICAL Level at the Cleveland APL Due to Humane Investigations Cases

Jason Cook

Last month alone, the Cleveland APL Humane Investigators rescued 69 animals, bringing them to our shelter where they received the help and care they needed.  Included among these animals is JJ, a cat left behind when his owner was evicted and found two weeks later without food or water.  Also included in the 69 lives saved is Claudine, a beautiful young cat left to languish with an injury that went untreated by her owner.

In the last few days, our Humane Investigators have been called to assist with other situations involving a total of over 50 cats that need our help.  This is on top of the other 154 cats we brought in last week alone who just needed a second chance. All of these cats deserve that second chance, but we do not have a single empty kennel in which to put another cat.

So, as not helping cats who are currently living in flea-invested environments in their own feces and urine is not an option, we and they need your help badly! We need to find good homes RIGHT NOW for the wonderful cats who are currently available for adoption at the Cleveland APL so we can open up the badly needed cages and provide these new cats with the care and space they need to recover.

For that reason, this Friday and Saturday only, cats and kittens will be available for adoption for only $5 and a second cat or kitten for only $20.  Please help us spread the word so we can help these cats! (Regular adoption fees are $45 for adult cats and $95 for kittens.)