Celebrate Wisdom, Serenity, and Love

Jason Cook

Adopt a Senior Pet Today at the Cleveland Animal Protective LeagueAdoptSeniorPet60

The Cleveland Animal Protective League is encouraging everyone to adopt a senior animal, especially if you’re a senior yourself.  Senior animals make fabulous companions, but are often overlooked by people who are charmed by the cuteness and fluff of kittens and puppies.  People just don’t realize the gems they are passing up, so we’re sharing some top reasons why seniors – dogs and cats 6 years and older –should be considered first:

  •     Less mess.  Senior dogs already know that the bathroom is outside and the house is for relaxing.  Senior cats know that the litter box is where they need to go.
  •     Someone else has already done all the work.  Seniors are the perfect choice for families who don’t want to start teaching manners from scratch because they have often already been trained and know the rules for inside living.  Consider your shoes and carpets much safer.
  •     They love to snuggle.  Senior pets have a lot of love to give; they will show you devotion and eternal gratitude.
  •     What you see is what you get.  Need a certain size or looking for a specific personality?  Pick a senior pet and there won’t be any surprises down the road.
  •     If you’re a senior yourself, age 60 or older, you’ll receive $50 off our already discounted senior adoption prices thanks to support from the Pets for the Elderly Foundation.

“Many people don’t realize the benefits of adopting a senior animal,” said Sharon Harvey, Executive Director of the Cleveland APL.  “Bolo, for example, is a 9-year-old Shepherd mix who knows the ropes when it comes to living in a home.  He’s already housebroken and he’s a show-off when it comes to the commands he knows: sit, down, shake, speak, and more.  We also have a beautiful 10-year-old Siamese cat named Cat who previously lived with young kids and another cat and will happily fit right back into family life.  These animals have life experience; they know what’s expected, and are happy to oblige, making it easier on the new adoptive family.  You get wisdom, serenity, and love, all in one wonderful package.”

All dogs, cats and rabbits are spayed-neutered, tested for heartworm or FeLV/FIV, have received age-appropriate vaccinations and treatment of worms and fleas, and come with helpful species-specific animal care information, a free initial veterinary exam, and are eligible for 30 days of free Sheltercare pet insurance. Cats/Kittens come with a travel box, and dog/puppy adoptions include a collar, I.D. tag, and leash.