Draft Your New Best Friend

Jason Cook

Draft Your New Best Friend

“Fantasy Fuzzball Weekend” to take place at the Cleveland APL Friday, September 11 through Sunday, September 13

CLEVELAND, OH (September 9, 2015) – There is lots of buzz surrounding the start of football season. With all of the excitement, our cats and kittens wanted to get in on the action! While getting ready for the upcoming football season, we are holding a “Fantasy Fuzzball Weekend” at the Cleveland APL. There are lots of adorable fuzzy friends who are waiting for loving homes, and we want to see them all get drafted!

Who will you draft during the “Fantasy Fuzzball Weekend?” Beginning on Friday, September 11, adoption fees will be reduced at the Cleveland APL and its PetSmart Charities® Everyday Adoption Center in the Parma PetSmart® store. Cats over 5 months will have a reduced adoption fee of $5, and kittens will be available for adoption for just $20. The fees will be reduced through Sunday, September 13.  Regular adoption fees are $45 for adult cats and $95 for kittens.

“There are many wonderful fuzzy friends just waiting to be adopted at the Cleveland APL.” says Sharon Harvey, President and CEO, “Whether you are interested in adopting a cat like Fogarty, a grey tabby who is 5 years old and weighs 11 pounds, or if you would like Bambi on your team, a beautiful 2-month-old kitten who weighs in at 2 pounds – there is a purring player for every “Fantasy Fuzzball” team at the Cleveland APL.  Visit them and draft your new best friend!”