Emergency Cat Adoption Special TODAY, March 23rd!

Jason Cook


TODAY, March 23rd: Adoption fee for adult cats has been reduced to $5

Tuesday morning at around 11am, there was a fire at the Cleveland APL.  The motor in the dryer in our cat adoption area laundry room caught on fire.  Thanks to the amazing response of our team, the fire was quickly contained, but not before it filled our adoption area with noxious smoke.

We had to evacuate more than 100 cats to temporary cages in other areas of the shelter.  About 20 cats are being closely monitored by our veterinary team for smoke exposure as they were in the worst area, but so far, everyone is doing well.  But, because of the smell, we’re not sure when we’ll be able to move cats back into that area.

Meanwhile, every cat in that room was traumatized by the fire alarm, the smoke, and the odor, and as we really don’t want to put them back in the cages where “that really scary thing happened” so we’re asking you to help by coming down TODAY, March 23rd, and adopting an adult cat for only $5 (regular fee is $45).

More than every, these cats need to go home NOW!  If you can’t adopt, you can help by donating towels or making a monetary donation to our Second Chance Program.