Visit the Cleveland APL for the “Paw-litical” Convention of the Century

Jason Cook

CLEVELAND, OH (July 7, 2016)—Cleveland, Ohio, is hosting the Republican National Convention this year, and not to be outdone, the Cleveland Animal Protective League is holding its own “Paw-litical” Convention. Plenty of adorable cats and kittens are campaigning for the most important position in the country—to be your “Commander in Chief” (aka pet)! Be sure to keep an eye on the Cleveland APL’s Facebook page where all the adoptable animals will be sharing their positions throughout our “Paw-litical” Convention.

 Saturday, July 9, through Sunday, July 17, adoption fees will be reduced to $5 for cats over 1 year old and $20 for kittens. (Regular adoption fees are $95 for kittens and $45 for adult cats.) Visit one of our adoption centers located at the Cleveland APL at 1729 Willey Avenue in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland and the Parma PetSmart® on Ridge Road.

“Who will be our next pet is one of the most important decisions we could make, and we have plenty of adoptable animals in our adoption centers who are strong candidates for the position,” says Sharon Harvey, President & CEO of the Cleveland APL. “The ‘paw-litcal’ debate has often been cat vs. dog, but we have so many more cats and kittens that need homes right now, we’re “rigging the system” with the hope that our feline candidates will find wonderful homes this convention.”