WTAM 1100’s Mike Snyder and Total Traffic + Weather Network’s Faith Nezovich Call on Cleveland to Adopt Shelter Pets in November



Mike Snyder, co-host of  the Wills and Snyder weekday morning show on WTAM (1100 AM), and Faith Nezovich, Operations Manager for Total Traffic + Weather Network are excited to team up with the Cleveland Animal Protective League to spread the good news about animals and adoptions during the month of November. Mike and Faith encourage fellow Clevelanders to visit the Cleveland APL today and find their new furry friends, both large and small.

In celebration of Mike and Faith’s support and commitment to helping shelter animals find their forever homes, the Cleveland APL will be reducing adult cat adoption fees at their shelter in Tremont to just $11 during the month of November. Kitten adoption fees will be reduced to $50.

About Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder has been the sports director for WTAM since 1990, providing daily sports updates.  In addition, he is the studio host for the Cavaliers and Browns Radio Networks, providing pre-game, in-game and post-game commentary.  In recognition of his distinguished career, Snyder was inducted into the Ohio Broadcast Hall of Fame in November 2000.  He and his wife Janice are proud parents of Jillian, Jonathan, and Matthew.
He knows first-hand about the wonderful work of the APL.  “I knew about ‘Five Dollar Cat Day’ at the Cleveland APL through its’ promotion on our Wills & Snyder in the Morning show on WTAM 1100 AM.  My wife, Janice, and I, our twin teenaged sons, and our 20-something daughter went on a family outing to the shelter to look for our new fur-ever friend. When we walked in the door, there, set off to the best advantage, was the most beautiful Himalayan. Her name was Taz. She was 12 years old—only a year younger than our cat who had just gone to kitty heaven. We decided that we didn’t care about her age, and happily handed over our $5 and signed the paperwork. The APL staff let out a cheer as we went out the door, thanking us, because it can be a challenge to place older cats. That was six years ago, and the pleasure has been all ours.”
About Faith Nezovich

Faith Nezovich lives in Parma with her longtime boyfriend Sam, their rescue kitties Goo and Gibson, and an African Spurred Tortoise named Bosch.  She began her career in radio in June of 2001 as a board op at WTAM, and has also done commercial production and voice work, and in January of 2006 became lead producer for Clear Channel Traffic in January of 2006. In addition to gathering traffic information and reporting on air Faith began presenting adoptable animals from the Cleveland APL in late 2008.  Now the Operations Manager for Total Traffic and Weather Network, she continues to promote adoptions on WTAM’s Wills and Snyder morning show.

“I am so honored to be able to do what I can to help the Cleveland APL and promote adoption.  I truly believe that when you adopt an animal you are saving TWO lives, the animal that gets to come home with you and the one that gets to take its place in the shelter,” says Faith. “I am so lucky that Bill Wills and Mike Snyder give me some time on their show each week to feature an animal from the Cleveland APL, and help our listeners realize that animals at shelters are not broken or defective but happy and healthy pets just waiting to be your next best friend!”