Foster Care Testimonials

Jodi 2
We have been fostering for over four years and have had the privilege of caring for hundreds of felines. Fostering is something more than simply what we do. For us, fostering is a lifestyle.  Providing a second chance for a feline creates an indescribable feeling. It’s life changing for felines, of course, but also for us. Incredible levels of bonding occur when you “care” for an animal, and healing felines and hearing healthy meows help us to keep life in perspective.

Purring increases healing but it also is a two-way street! Studies show that giggling in humans reduces stress and having a group of silly kitties in your house is nothing but fun!  Antibiotics and pain meds are great and often necessary, but they cannot come close to the influence of a warm home, a cuddle, and tons of love that only a foster can provide.

When you foster one animal, you save at least two lives: the life of the animal you fostered, for sure, as well as the lives of the animals that had the chance to enter the empty kennel.  Picking up our new fosters is the fun part — but returning them is the lifesaving part.  And, although the day we return a foster is hard, we get to do it all over again and have a new personality to get to know and love. That is the BEST.

We have a perpetual influx of kitties to care for and love and our mantra shares that saving ONE animal may not change the world, but it will surely change the world for that ONE animal. Please consider fostering!Jodi

             Eric & Jodi Nicolli – Loving Foster Parents